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Helpless parents demands to arrest their daughters’ killers

PESHAWAR: The aggrieved and helpless parents of the two killed cousins on Thursday demanded of the concerned persons to arrest the killers who were roaming freely before their eyes.

Mohabat Khan and Said Ali, fathers of the assassinated persons and residents of Navi Kali, limits of Pishtakhara police station said that they were punished a lot after taking stand on a raped and killed teenaged girl in 2002. “We had voiced against the accused who had committed the brutal crime of raping and killing a teenaged girl Hina in 2002. We had staged protest demonstrations to punish the accused”, they said at a press conference. But they were punished for unveiling the truth. They alleged that the accused killed two persons on June 11 , 2006 including Shamsul Qamar, son of Mohabbat Khan and Mohammad Nisar, son of Said Ali for raising voice against the rapist.

Shamsul Qamar was a student of MA English in University of Peshawar while Mohammad Nisar was Senior Technician in Pakistan Air Force (PAF), the Gray bearded fathers and old mothers wearing burqa informed the newsmen at Peshawar Press Club.

They nominated four persons in FIR registered in Pishtakhara police station including Said Jamal, Said Kamal, Manzoor Hussain and Shah Hussain. All the killers were present at their homes located in New Kali, but police yet to bother to round up them despite lapsing of 1 1/2 years.

They alleged that their rivals were drug peddlers on a very high level having political support of local politicians and enjoy access in police department. “Despite killing our beloved sons out of homes, the killers built up pressures on us time and again to enter into a compromise but we refused”, the weeping parents recounted the story of inhuman attitude of their rivals.

Their rivals then staged a fictitious drama and hurled hand- grenade at their home and thus they get registered FIR against the aggrieved parents of the two killed persons for no sin aimed to compel them to compromise, they continued.

The aged mother of Mohammad Nisar said, “My son was gunned down by receiving bullets on his head thus made my grand-sons orphan who now living miserably”. What we do, the weeping fragile mother complained as neither police listen to them nor God paying attention.

Mother of Shamsul Qamar while narrating her ordeal said, “My highly educated son was shot dead while career of my other children is looking to be dark. My sons and daughters are being restricted to homes and can’t go to schools due to fears of enemies who have warned to kill her other sons when they did not compromise”.

She questioned the law enforcement agencies saying where they go, is it not their responsibility to punish the killers. How this country is, she raised question, where the honourable were passing miserable life while the drug peddlers and looters were enjoying pleasurable life having support of the government.

Source: The Nation