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Govt trying to remove injustices against women: PM

PESHAWAR: Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz on Friday said the Women Protection Bill was the first in a series of measures to remove injustices against women through legislation.He held out categorical assurance that the general elections would be held on time next year and guaranteed smooth sailing of the balloting in a fair, free and transparent fashion in the country.Addressing a large gathering of women here at the Governor House, he said the PML government was committed to the betterment of women, to improve their quality of life and provide them better economic prospects. He dispelled the impression that the bill was a move towards westernisation. “We are proud to be believers of a strong faith, and have our own culture and values to which we strongly adhere to,” he added.The prime minister said, no one should even think of the government passing any legislation, which is repugnant to the injunctions of Quran and Sunnah.He referred to the Council of Islamic Ideology (CII), which Thursday declared that the WPB was in conformity with the spirit of Quran and Sunnah.

Shaukat said owing to certain anomalies in the previous law, hundreds of women were thrown behind bars across the country and had to suffer a lot, facing difficulties to seek justice from the courts.”Through this bill, unfair trends against females have been removed,” he said, adding, “This is the first step to this end and lot more is on the anvil to protect women and to give them their due rights.” The prime minister said the PML government has the distinction to serve masses and particularly the hitherto neglected section of women.He pointed at the increase in job quota for women in civil services up to 10 percent and termed such measures as important milestones in the efforts undertaken by the PML and its allies to improve the lot of suppressed section of society.

He said 2007 will be the election year and the government will ensure to hold this democratic exercise in a free, fair and transparent manner. He guaranteed smooth sailing of the balloting in a fair, free and transparent fashion in the country.He ensured taking all possible measures for the progress and prosperity of Pakistan. He also expressed the government’s resolve to make the country “citadel of Islam”.The prime minister said he was very encouraged to see the enthusiastic response of the women of NWFP towards the government’s efforts and said they will continue to do more providing better health, education and other facilities to them. He said all the legislation done by the parliament would be implemented across the board in line with the country’s constitution.About Hisba Bill, Shaukat said it was not a law yet and the government was studying its different clauses.

Addressing a meeting of the PML parliamentarians, district Nazims, provincial leaders of the Muslim League and office bearers here at Governor House, stressed the need for coherence in the ranks of PML and unity with the allied parties so that it could emerge triumphant in the next elections. The PML he added would go to the people on the basis of its performance in the government.”PML and its allied parties will fully participate in the next general elections with its agenda,” he maintained.Shaukat Aziz told the gathering that all decisions were being made with consultation and mutual understanding with a view to pushing the political agenda of the party towards success in the election. “Our contacts with other political parties should not be misconstrued and it does not necessarily mean that the PML would enter into any alliance with them in the coming polls,” he clarified. He also hinted at more legislation from the parliament to enact laws for the protection of the rights of the women folk of the country.
Source: The News

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