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Govt committed to empower women, says Farooqui

KARACHI: Adviser to Sindh Chief Minister on Media Sharmila Farooqui has said that the present democratic government was firmly committed to empower the women and to give them their due status in the society.

Talking to a delegation of women at her residence on Thursday, Farooqui said that marriage of girls to Holy Quran, exchange marriages and marriages of under-age girls will be banned and legislation in this regard was being finalised.

She said, being a woman the posting of Sherry Rehman as an Ambassador to the United States and Speaker of National Assembly Fehmida Mirza was the result of President Asif Ali Zardari’s vision.

“PPP is a preacher of women’s rights and it is the part of PPP’s manifesto to award all social, moral and economic rights to the women as granted by our religion, constitution and United Nations Human Rights Charter,” she added.

Marriage to Holy Quran, to ‘Vani’ the girls and marriages of under-age girls were dirty marks on the face of our civilised society and present democratic government wanted to improve the image of Pakistan internationally, she added.

She sought the cooperation of the members of civil society, non-governmental organisations and media persons in this regard to create awareness among masses.

Farooqui said Islam has given judicious rights to women and they can perform their duties following by the prescribed parameters of religion and constitution appointments of women at decision making places is clear proof that the government wants to empower women.

Without the cooperation of the women no society could make comprehensive progress. It is high time to play our role for the progress of the country, she added.
Source: Daily Times