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Giving women their due respect

WOMEN are a vital, inseparable part of any society and deserve equal respect and opportunities. However, in our society they are looked upon with great disdain, so much so that it creates sad situations sometimes.

If you are travelling by any public conveyance, you would hardly find any woman sitting while all males are sitting. However, it is considered unmanly for a man to keep sitting while a woman is standing.

Transporters accommodate women though there’s not an inch inside their vehicles, knowing that some male would probably rise and offer his seat to them. Apparently, bus conductors proclaim that they are concerned about women standing on bus stops, but actually it is the money (fare) they are after.

Another form of disrespect is by assigning front seats for women. Many women are found complaining that drivers fix mirrors in such a position that they can keep glancing at them with their indecent gazes throughout the journey.

In banks and post offices, there are separate windows for women to facilitate them. Knowing that few women turn up, many males bring their sisters, wives or mothers to renew their licenses or for some other work so that they do not have to stand in long queues. You visit banks or post offices and you will often find women getting out of their cars with bills or booklets in their hands while their male companions wait outside in the car parking.

Besides, if males do accompany them inside, they stand aside trying to look indifferent. You can drive your car across the country with women and you will hardly find any traffic warden stopping you to ensure that you are carrying a proper driving license.

Similarly, you can cross a police checkpost and can transport loads of explosives provided you have a woman sitting right next to you.

However, if there are only males sitting in a car, no matter how decent they might look, the police will stop them on checkposts and search them through and through.

If one happens to witness a street argument between a man and a woman, you will indeed sympathise with the latter. Women are usually considered innocent in such cases, as sometimes it may be the other way around. Often males find remaining silent as the only viable option on such occasions to avoid being physically beaten up by onlookers and passersby.

Nevertheless, women must be treated with respect under all situations and by all of us.

Mirpur Mathelo

Source: Dawn