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Girl student subjected to ‘humiliating search, filmed’ at school

A viral video has prompted outrage among citizens which showed female teachers allegedly searching and filming a female student in a humiliating way at Karachi’s Aisha Bawany School during the Matric examinationThe incident took place at Aisha Bawany School located at Karachi’s Sharea Faisal where some teachers allegedly conducted a humiliating search and filmed the moment during Matric examinations.As per details, a student was called outside the examination room over suspicions of cheating and teachers acting as examiners started filming her video.

The incident raised questions about the legality of the examiners’ action against the student by filming her humiliating search even after finding her guilty of cheating during exams.

After the video went viral on social media, the chairman of the Board Secondary Education Karachi (BSEK) Syed Sharaf Ali Shah and Controller Examination Habibullah Sahag visited Aisha Bawany School and collected the details of the incident.

The school administration blamed the student for attacking and scratching the teacher with nails.

Controller Examination Habibullah Sahag told media that they are investigating the incident whether the teachers had forcedly victimised the female student or not. He added that he will definitely condemn if the teachers forcedly victimised the girl. Sahag said that he is personally monitoring the examination papers.

Sahag said that most videos posted on social media platforms related to the incident are fake. He detailed that 93 teams have been formed to pay surprise visits to the examination centres established at different schools across Karachi.

The parents of the student vented anger at the teachers and the school administration, however, they refused to talk to the media. They, however, said that the behaviour of the teachers with their daughter was sorrowful and school students are commonly facing humiliating behaviour. The school teachers kept giving arguments to defend themselves and rejected to commit any illegal or inappropriate action against the student.

Source:  Pakistan Observer