Girl for sale in Khairpur

KHAIRPUR: A widow, Waziran Solangi, presented her eight-year-old daughter, Saima, for sale for Rs 40,000 in Kumb here on Friday.

People gathered around her, asking her the reason for selling her daughter. She told them that after the death of her husband, she borrowed Rs 2,000 from Lal Gul Gopang of village Mir Muhammad Solangi. Now, he was forcing her to pay Rs 40,000, because the interest had gone up to Rs 38,000, she added.

She said he refused to take the principal amount and asking her to give her daughter in marriage. She requested the people to buy her daughter, so that she could pay him the money back. Meanwhile, police reached the spot and assured her of taking action against Gopang. The widow went home with her daughter after the assurance.

Source: The News


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