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Girl alleges was gang-raped by brother-in-law, accomplices

SANGHAR: A girl was allegedly gang raped in Sanghar on Saturday. The victim has accused her brother-in-law along with his friend of the sexual assault.

She reported that she lives with her sister, because her parents are no longer alive.

According to the police, the girl has pointed out five men, upon which the case has been filed.

One of the men has already been caught, while the police are searching for the remaining four. The police have said that the medical of the victim is underway.

Just in January a similar case came forth, where the police arrested six suspects in a gang-rape of a young woman.

The heinous act was committed in front of her family, and was facilitated by her sister in law.

Six armed men broke into their house and gang-raped the young girl, while they injured her brother, by cutting off a body part.

According to the updates of the case, the sister-in-law wanted to remarry which is why she masterminded the crime.

Similarly last year, a woman from Kabirwala, alleged that she was brutally tortured and narrowly escaped sexual assault by her brother-in-law.

According to the survivor, the brother-in-law was forcing her to develop extra-marital relations with him, and upon her refusal he tried to force himself upon her.

The victim said that she screamed for help upon which the neighbours came to her aid.

According to data, 11 cases of rape are reported in Pakistan every day. Although the number seems quite high, a majority of the percentages go unreported.

Website: Daily Times