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Gender inequality

GENDER inequality is a great problem these days in the world, most importantly in developing and least developed countries.

Probably a woman-fearing man living in some southern part of Sindh recently said: “Women need only to work in their homes; they do not need to go out and do a job”. This is the thinking and reflection of our society. This indicates that there are so many social hurdles on the path of working women.

According to a report, women now represent 40 per cent of the global labour force, 43 per cent of the world’s agricultural labour force, and more than half the world’s university students. There is a large quantity of working women but it is not highlighted due to the male-dominated society.

There is no doubt that in Pakistan’s rural areas the majority of women are involved with agricultural and livestock works; they work more than mem. But even then they are the ignored segment of our society. They are not compensated like their counterparts are.

It has been observed that women are ignored in all spheres of life. They are not given proper space in society. There is no place in parliament or politics (though minorities are rarely found in parliament) for women. They are being kept away from equal economical distribution. On the educational ground, their position is zero.

I would say openly that their talents and skills are not being utilised fully and properly. It is a great tragedy for our economic development.

Providing equal opportunities to women will lead to outstanding outcomes for the next generation because greater control over household resources by women can increase the economic growth prospect by shifting expenditure patterns in ways that benefit children. Besides, upgrading women’s education and health has been linked to better outcomes for their children.

There is the game of power imbalances which needs to be squeezed. The rights that men have should also be given to women to keep the gender balance and equality in society. Freedom should be for both.

We need to understand the importance of women: their contribution can cause a big boom in economic development in the country. Even the next generation depends on the performance of women today.

It is oft-quoted that an educated mother can generate an educated society. It is, therefore, time we changed ourselves.


Source: Dawn