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Gender discrimination

NATURE has always maintained a balance in this world in order to garnish it with beauty. It produces a balance factor for each and every substance.

These balance factors vary in the proportion of the support which they provide to their counterpart.

In the same context men and women are regarded as the supporting counterpart for each other but a major conflict in this systematic support is the term gender discrimination.

Discrimination is very common in our society. It happens when someone treats others as inferior.

This happens because one thinks that one is superior to the other in the realm of profession or education.

No other issue is so contentious and well debated in contemporary societies as the question of gender discrimination. Men are
considered as being physically strong and women as emotionally sensitive.

The major realm of discrimination includes the social setup, culture, economic setup, moral values and lack of education. All these combine to promote gender discrimination.

I would like to conclude that discrimination is a curse. Nature has structured individuals in different physical proportions but mental capabilities are kept same for both sexes.

Social responsibilities do not require physical strength.

So I would like to suggest that the responsibility should not be based on physical potential. They are based on mental capabilities.

Source: Dawn