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Free-will marriage couple seeks security

KARACHI: A free-will marriage couple, Anam and Suleman Shaikh, has demanded of the government to protect them from the bride family posing threats to their lives.

Addressing a press conference at the Karachi Press Club on Friday, they said that Shaikh’s father-in-law was threatening them for dire consequences.

The personnel of law enforcement agencies, dressed in plain clothes, raided their house and even searched the home of their neighbours, they added.

Anam said that they were being threatened by unidentified men through phones but no phone number appeared on their cell screens. Some times, they were called at the Citizen Police Liaison Committee to resolve the case, she added.

She said that that she made a court marriage with Shaikh on Aug 08, 2010 and later her father brought her to home and said that he would arrange her marriage ceremony in the presence of his entire family but she was imprisoned at home.

Anam said: “On Dec 24, 2010 some people were called to threaten her. They introduced themselves as CIA personnel and snatched her cell phone as saying if she did not sign the divorce paper, they would kill her and her husband.” She signed the papers to save their lives but it was not her intention. Anam said that she got an opportunity on June 18, 2011 and reunited with her husband. She demanded of the government to provide protection to them.

Source: Daily Times