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Four O-Levels students booked in rape case

By Umer Nangiana

Two arrested, victim was friends with one of the suspects.

ISLAMABAD: A girl was allegedly kidnapped from the city centre and gang raped by four O-Levels students on Friday night. Kohsar police registered criminal cases against the four suspects after receiving the victim’s medical report on Saturday.

Two of the suspects including the main accused were arrested by the police, while the other two remain at large. Police claimed the medical report confirmed rape on the girl. However, police sources said the girl’s statement lacked coherence and her behaviour was “suspicious”.

Aniqa*, a resident of sector G-11/2, lodged a complaint with the police that she was kidnapped by Osama Pasha from Super Market in F-6. He took her to a flat in sector G-8/2 where three of his accomplices were already present.

Pasha along with Umer Jan, Hassan Chaudhry and an unknown person raped the girl, she said in her statement. She said she was dropped off near sector G-9 at night after the incident from where she was picked up by her mother.

Cases against the four suspects were registered under sections 365, 376 and 34 of Pakistan Penal Code (PPC) for kidnapping the girl, keeping her in illegal confinement and then committing Zina bil Jabar (rape) with her. The case was registered with the Kohsar police since the area from where Aniqa was picked up falls under its jurisdiction.

Police were able to arrest Osama Pasha, the main suspect and his accomplice Umer Jan while Hassan Chaudhry and their unknown fourth accomplice are still at large.

According to police, the girl told police that Pasha sent her a text message on her cell phone asking her to meet him. She informed him that she was with her mother at a restaurant in Super Market. Pasha came to the restaurant and asked her to make up some excuse and come downstairs to meet him.

A police official said they were friends since school. “Osama and Aniqa were old friends and their families knew about their friendship as well,” said a police official.

The girl came downstairs and was asked to get in the car. Pasha then drove to the place where his other three friends were waiting for him. The girl claimed all four men were involved in raping her before dropping her off in sector G-9.

However, during initial investigations, Pasha maintained that he had left the place after leaving the girl with his friends in sector G-8/2.

The girl’s mother started searching for her after she did not return to the restaurant. “Pasha had picked her up at around 5 pm,” said a police official. “She was dropped off at sector G-9 after both the girl and Pasha’s families found out that they were together,” he added.

Police said her mother was worried as Aniqa’s cell phone was not responding and she had not returned to the restaurant as well.

Police said all four boys and the girl are between the ages of 20 and 22. They are studying O-Levels as private students. Police are trying to arrest the other two accomplices of the suspects to complete their investigations.

Source: The Express Tribune