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Four booked for gang rape

By Arsalan Altaf

ISLAMABAD: Four men are suspected of the alleged gang-rape of a 30-year-old woman* in an Islamabad suburb on Saturday.

The woman, a resident of  Islamabad’s Ghauri Town, told the police that a man named CT* promised her a job as a school teacher a few days ago after claiming to own a private school in Sihala. CT called the woman to Sihala for an interview in the afternoon.

The victim said that CT took her into a house near level railway crossing in Sihala. Once inside the house, CT started making inappropriate overtures and tried to get her to have a drink with him, but she refused. A while later, three other men showed up and also began drinking. One of them introduced himself as MNA T*, the other as SHO K* and the third as I*, a Muzaffarabad judge.

The victim said that the suspects threatened her and forced her to drink, before they “took turns to rape me throughout the night”.

The victim says that she managed to flee the house at 6am, when all four suspects were asleep. An hour later, the police had registered a rape case and launched an investigation.

The police have arrested CT, the main suspect, and the victim was taken to Polyclinic hospital for a medical examination.

Sihala police said that the other three suspects had given the victim fake identities. He said all four suspects were Sihala locals.

To a question about suspected affiliation of T with the ruling party, another police officer said that according to the complaint, T claimed to be a PML-N lawmaker, but this was a false claim.

“He is not an MNA, nor
is he a prominent leader,”
he said.

The PML-N media cell in-charge in Islamabad said he did not know of any party official by that name. He noted that criminals sometimes make such claims and use political parties’ names.

*Names withheld to protect identities

The Express Tribune

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