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Found in pieces: Parts of a woman’s body found in two plastic bags on Jahangir Road

The police have not yet been able to identify the identity of the victim.

KARACHI: A crowd gathered and looked at the suspicious plastic bag that was lying in a garbage dump beside a school on Jahangir Road on Monday. Someone called the police. Everyone was scared to open and see what was inside.

The police arrived at the scene. They took the plastic bag and opened it… two feet, a thigh and part of the abdomen of a body emerged from it. Meanwhile, another man came to see why the people had gathered. When he saw the package, he told the police of another one he had noticed lying on the opposite street. It contained more pieces of someone’s chopped abdomen. There were a total of 10 pieces.

The parts were shifted to Civil hospital. According to the medico-legal examiner, Dr Nisar Shah, initial examination suggested that the body parts were of a woman. He said that they were cut with a sharp object not too long ago. They were “fresh.”

The police have not yet been able to identify the identity of the victim. The parts were sent to the Edhi morgue in Sohrab Goth. The police is searching for more.

The police suspect that she was killed by the same person who killed a woman he was meeting at Quaid’s mausoleum. “I think this is the job of a psychopathic serial killer,” said Soldier Bazaar SHO Khushnood Javed. “He is targeting a certain type of woman.”

Exactly a month ago on March 10, a woman’s body pieces were found scattered in four different places in Soldier Bazaar. It had taken three days to find all the parts. She was identified as Nasreen.

However, Javed said that the police had expanded their intelligence network and plain-clothes policemen were patrolling the area around Quaid’s mausoleum.

Jamshed Quarters DSP Qaiser Ali Shah said that the case was similar to the previous one. But for that they would have to find the rest of her body.

The Express Tribune