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Flexible working hours for women demanded

Karachi: There is a need to develop flexible working hours for women due to constant increase in the number of women joining the country’s work force, said Working Women Welfare Trust (WWT)president Rehana Afroze on Wednesday.

She said that flexible working hours and time schedule must be made a mandatory provision and accepted as a legal right of working women.

“All jobs that are result-oriented and tasked based can be adjusted under flexi time schedule,” she added.

This, she said was being adopted in the professions of medicine, information technology, engineering, education, media, marketing etc across the world.

Afroze, citing the proposal to be pragmatic in particular context of Pakistan, said that more job opportunities would be created for the women.

Difficulties faced by women due to chaotic traffic and shortage of transport facilities during rush hours will be efficiently addressed, she stated.

The WWT preident said that women required maintaining the delicate balance between their domestic and professional responsibilities must be extended the right to have their choice of working hours.

“It is in view of this essential requirement of working women that we plan to observe 2011 as the year of struggle for flexi time,” she said, adding that this will be a source of encouragement for girls and women joining the work force and contributing to the national economy.

“Moreover, highly qualified and skilled women reluctant to work due to their domestic responsibilities will be provided an opportunity to play their role in national development,” she elaborated.

She demanded that Pakistani women resorting to Flexi Time Approach must be extended status equivalent to regular and permanent workers.

Source: The News