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FHM sends INR250m legal notice to Veena

LAHORE: If Veena Malik saw her controversial ‘morphed’ photo shoot worth of Rs100 million notice, the Indian FHM magazine sees her allegations worth INR250 million.

On Dec 5, Malik had sent a Rs100 million legal notice to the Indian magazine for ‘morphing’ her pictures for a nude shoot. In reply, FHM Chief Editor Kabir Sharma sent her a legal notice claiming damages to the tune of INR250 million.

The notice demands that the actress offer an unconditional apology in a press conference.

The magazine rejected the post photo-shoot claims of Malik that the shoot was morphed. It said she had time and again proved that she was willing to do anything for sensationalism and to gain publicity.

It said the present controversy was not an exception to other controversies associated with the actress and the same had been created by her just to gain cheap and easy publicity out of the big name of the magazine.

Negating another allegation by Ms Malik, the magazine said she allowed her photo as well as video shoots, which were carried out by the magazine. It has been alleged in the legal notice that Malik wanted to do a bold photo shoot for the Indian fashion magazine. And in order to grab the opportunity of being on title page of the magazine, she also sent her pictures in Bikinis etc to show that she was in good shape.

In response to the idea of supporting her arm the initial ISI (the acronym for Inter-Services Intelligence), the magazine claimed that the actress was very much eager and willing to wear the initials.

The management maintained that the record of correspondence with the actress through e-mails would be enough to refute her false claims.

Source: DAWN