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Family ‘honour’: Youth attempts to kill sister in court

LAHORE: A youngster attempted to kill his sister on Wednesday in a court after she recorded a statement in favour of her husband.

Amina Bibi had eloped with Salamat Ali and gotten married to him much to the chagrin of her parents. They had urged Bibi to return home following the passage of a few months vowing that the matter would be amicably resolved by talks. Bibi’s parents had incarcerated her when she returned to their residence. They forced her to record a statement against Ali who filed a habeas corpus petition seeking the Gujjarpura SHO to be instructed to produce Bibi before the court.

The woman recorded a statement in favour of her husband on Wednesday when she was produced before the court by the SHO.

Bibi told the court that no one had abducted her and she had gotten married to Ali of her own free will. Her statement left her brother Adeel Anwar infuriated who leapt forward and attempted to strangle her.

Policemen present at the premises rushed forward after witnessing the commotion and rescued Bibi.

Anwar later submitted a written statement before the court apologising for his conduct.

He said he had interrupted the proceedings in a moment of weakness. The court permitted Bibi to leave with her husband after disposing of his petition.

Express Tribune