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Family demands recovery of kidnapped girl

TOBA TEK SINGH, Sept 17: A family of Siraj Town locality near Gojra staged a demonstration outside the press club here on Wednesday to demand the recovery of their 16-year-old daughter kidnapped around a year ago.

The police claimed four of the six suspects nominated in the FIR and three others, who had harboured the kidnapping suspects, had also been arrested and sent to jail.

Earlier, talking to reporters, kidnapped girl’s parents and brother, Shaukat, Bashiran Bibi and Shahbaz, said Fazeelat was kidnapped from outside their house 10 months ago.

After a few months, she informed them through a cell phone that Khalid Bhatti, Maqbool Doosa, Ghulam Jeelani, Saeed, Javed and Amin, of Chak 47-GB, had abducted her and later sold her to an elderly person of a hilly area.

She said she was being kept in a locked room and that she was unable to comprehend the language of the elderly man to whom she had been sold out.

The family traced the mobile phone number from which the girl had called, and came to know that it belonged to Ghulam Muhayyuddin of Lakki Marwat district in the NWFP.

They said the police did not cooperate with them and instead of arresting the suspects and recovering the girl, investigation officer ASI Anwar was pressing them to reconcile with the suspects.

They also claimed that they had an old enmity with the suspects over a property dispute and they had also refused to marry the kidnapped girl to a relative of the suspects and they had abducted her to avenge their refusal.

They urged the chief minister to direct the police to recover the girl immediately.

Gojra DSP Ahmad Javed said four of the six nominated in the FIR, Khalid Bhatti, Maqbool Doosa, Ghulam Jeelani and Saeed, had been arrested and sent to District Jail.

The police also arrested three others who had harboured the kidnapping suspects and a separate case had been registered against them under Section 216 of the Pakistan Penal Code.

He refuted the allegation that police were not cooperating, and said they were doing their best to recover the girl.

ACE: The Anti-Corruption Establishment (ACE) registered on Wednesday a case against Nawan Lahore police inspector Rafaqat Bajwa on charges of accepting bribe with no arrest so far.

According to FIR, the accused received Rs15,000 from complainant Mazhar Abbas of Kamalia to challan his rivals in a firing case, but later exonerated them.

Meanwhile, the ACE sent a revenue patwari of Chak 437-JB to jail for accepting a Rs3,000 bribe from complainant Razzaq Jat for issuance of a farmland ownership deed to apply for a tractor under the government’s green tractor scheme.
Source: Dawn