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Faith healer rapes woman

KASUR: A fake peer (faith healer) allegedly raped a childless married woman on Wednesday when she went to him to seek his blessing for fertility at Kanganpur.

Aslam, of Kotha Kala village, told police that his wife had no child after more than five years of their marriage.

She went to one Qari Sarfraz Ahmed along with her husband to get a taveez (amulet), which, she hoped, would make her fertile.

Qari Sarfraz allegedly raped the woman. She raised hue and cry, inviting the attention of Aslam who was sitting outside the peer’s room.

The accused managed to escape immediately after the incident.

Police were investigating after registering a case.

RAPE ATTEMPT: Outlaws tried to rape a married woman after forcibly entering her house at Rukanpura while her husband was away.

Liaqat told Saddar police that the accused tried to rape her wife when he had gone for evening walk. They injured her with a sharp-edged weapon on offering resistance, he added