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Education: solution to women’s plight

THIS is apropos of M. Ismail Akmal’s letter, “Education: solution to women’s plight” (Oct 3). I agree when he says: “Most of the problems women face in our country can be eradicated if a strong move is initiated with the sole purpose of educating women”.

The idea is quite right, as it will open doors for women to stand up for their rights and they will not continue to suffer in silence anymore. However, some attention is also required to equip men with education and awareness.

Many of the obstacles that come in the women’s way are due to the rigid and narrow outlook of men.

They tend to show reluctance in giving free hand to women and don’t give them the freedom to make their own decisions.

Men are also found to be insecure and fear women going ahead of them. Gender bias is one of the worst dilemmas in our society that shatters the personality of women to a great extent.

To add to their miseries, if any woman doesn’t obey the unfavourable norms, she instantly becomes a victim of social disapproval and violence on her continues to take place.

The above scenario is never bound to end unless the stereotypes are eradicated and the mindsets of men are changed.

These factors lead to a prevalence of male domination in our society.

Way out lies in respecting women and treating them as human beings first. I have truly observed that the women who have supportive and understanding male counterparts go a long way.

In a nutshell, the education of women is no doubt a primary concern but the long lasting cure can only come about when an initiative is taken to educate the men as well — so that women get their rights, rather not plead for them.

Source: Dawn