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ECP sets up gender desk at Sindh ECP office in Karachi

The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has established a gender desk in the Sindh ECP office in Karachi for general elections.

The ECP spokesperson said that the desk will be active from Feb 1 to Feb 10 while it will be operational for 24 hours from Feb 6 to Feb 10.

The desk has been set up for the immediate redressal of grievances of women, senior citizens, and minority communities.

The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) will complete the printing of ballot papers by February 2, while the delivery of ballot papers has already continued in all four provinces.

“After the announcement of general elections across the country on February 8 and allocation of election symbols, the ECP has started the printing of ballot papers from January 16,” the spokesman told APP.

He said the preparations for holding the general polls are rapidly progressing towards completion and the printing of ballot papers is progressing satisfactory while printing of papers is going on in three government presses.

The ongoing printing process involves 270 tons of special paper, he said, adding that printing for Balochistan and Sindh constituencies is continuing in Karachi, while for Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Punjab, and Islamabad constituencies, the ballot papers are being printed at the government printing office in Islamabad.

The spokesman said the distinctive watermarks will embellish the ballot papers, which are slated to be printed using three different machines. Stringent security measures have been implemented at the Printing Corporation premises throughout the ballot paper production process.

The introduction of watermarked ballot papers in the country took place during the 2018 general elections, signifying a notable milestone. Three printing machines, including the Security Printing Corporation, the Pakistan Postal Foundation, and the Printing Corporation of Pakistan, were being used to share the workload for this endeavor.

Source: Samaa TV