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Dua-Zaheer’s nikah registrar still behind bars

The Additional Sessions Judge, Sharqi, has issued a written order regarding the rejection of bail pleas of Nikah Registrar Maulana Ghulam Mustafa and witness Asghar in the case of alleged kidnapping of Dua Zahra.

The judge said in a written order that verification of documents is required to determine the age at the time of marriage.

The provision of documents duly certified by NADRA and other certified documents are required to be examined at the time of marriage.

According to the medical board, the girl is 15 years old. The nikah registrar performed the nikah on the basis of oral statement. Asghar’s reputation as a marriage witness is also not impressive. The serious crime of kidnapping can have a negative effect on the psychology of the abductee. The abductee’s family faces public embarrassment as well.

According to the written order, the prosecution had said that the accused Ghulam Mustafa allegedly performed the nikah. Ghulam Asghar was the witness of the marriage.

As per the written order, the police had said that Zaheer Ahmed had married Dua Zahra. According to the medical report, the abducted Dua Zahra is 15 to 16 years old.

According to documents and medical report and police papers, Dua Zahra is 15 years old. The court ruled that the accused had fundamental rights and that the police had the right to investigate.

The Judicial Magistrate has also ordered submission of supplementary challan of the case. Therefore, the accused have filed a bail application ahead of time. This kind of heinous crime is not against any individual but against the whole society. Bail application is rejected in the light of existing documents, the court order read.

Source: The Express Tribune