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Dr Samar for women empowerment

ISLAMABAD – Chairman National Engineering & Scientific Commission Dr Samar Mubarakmand (NI, HI, SI) has stressed the women folk to come forward and empower them by acquiring knowledge, professional competence and following the great values of Islam and urged them to play their due role for the progress and development of the country.

While addressing as chief guest on the eve of Iftar dinner hosted by Women’s Institute of Science & Humanities (WISH), Islamabad he said that women are fifty per cent of our population and this chunk of society can equally contribute for progress of the country if they are properly educated and well trained.

He said this folk should not wait to be empowered by men rather they should take initiatives by acquiring knowledge and entering into professional lives so that they could attain the much needed confidence and economic independence.
Dr Samar said that there is no need to get despondent as our scientific community has achieved countless milestones for which our country stands high in the comity of nations. “I can see very bright and excellent future of Pakistan as we have no dearth of talent and passion for hard work in the present lot of students,” he envisaged.

Chairman NESCOM said that it is easy to find faults and
lacunas in the society but more important is to solve those problems and to lead the country towards the path of progress and prosperity.

Eulogising the contributions of Scientists & Engineers he said we have been able to develop nuclear and missile technology indigenously in a very short span of time, adding that, this was made possible because of the students of yesterears.

And now whole world looks towards us enviably as now we have also attained the most sophisticated and advanced cruise missile technology.

Further motivating the participants he said that this thousand mile journey was started with the handful of scientists and engineers who with their sheer hard work, dedication and commitment made the country’s defence impregnable and now by the grace of God we, at NESCOM alone, have more than 16,000 scientists and engineers at our strength.

He said that we the Pakistanis are a God-gifted nation and are the finest race of the region. We have been endowed with immense talent and potential. “The only thing we need is the proper guidance and environment and we can become the world beaters”.

He also quoted the verse of Allama Iqbal in which Allama says that the land of this country is not infertile. In this verse Iqbal refers land with the human intellect and says if we exploit our hidden potential and discover our inner faculties we can work wonders.

He said that it is the very fact that it is the man and not money or material who makes the nation great and stronger. He urged the students to emulate their role models of the past by following the principles of hardwork, honesty devotion and team work.

Source: The Nation