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Domestic abuse: Stepfather tortures child to death, injures another

Domestic abuse: Stepfather tortures child to death, injures another


A five-year-old boy was killed after allegedly being subjected to torture by his stepfather at their house in Korangi. The child’s mother has been arrested by the Korangi police.

The suspect, Aamer, a resident of Korangi 1 1/2, severely tortured his two children, five-year-old Kamran, and seven-year-old Adnan, on Friday. He brought the seriously-injured Kamran to the National Institute of Child Health (NICH) on Sunday and fled as soon as the other family members reached the hospital. Kamran died during treatment at the hospital.

Speaking to The Express Tribune, Adnan said their ‘Abbo’ [stepfather] beat up both the children for not obeying his orders. “Abbo asked us to sleep but we didn’t,” he said. Aamer used various objects, including a hammer, cable wires and sticks to beat the minor children. “Our mouths were stuffed with cloth so we wouldn’t be able to scream,” said the injured child, as he sat near the body of his younger brother. “We were both hurled into the bathroom.”

Kamran succumbed to his injuries at around 9:30am on Tuesday morning. A post mortem was carried out after eight hours due to legal formalities at the Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre (JPMC).

Adnan’s left arm, right hand, right foot and back bear signs of torture inflicted on him by his stepfather. The child claims he started bleeding profusely when Aamer struck his foot with a hammer.

“I saw Abbo taking Kamran to the hospital,” said Kamran’s elder brother, 13-year-old Noman. “I immediately informed my uncles and cousins.” Noman was also tortured a couple of months ago and had been living with his grandparents since then. He works at a shop in the neighbourhood and earns Rs150 daily. “The money was spent to buy breakfast for the family,” he said, adding that his stepfather frequently tortured his two brothers and two sisters. “My mother tried to protect us but she failed every time,” he added.

Farhan, a young cousin of the children, said that despite Kamran’s serious condition, Aamer did not inform anyone in the family. They only found out about the incident from Noman. “We rushed to the NICH, but Aamer escaped, leaving the boys behind.” He added that everyone in the area was trying to find the whereabouts of the stepfather.

The stepfather, a painter by profession, married Afsheen around a year ago, after the death of Afsheen’s first husband, Irfan Ali. “It was a love marriage,” Irfan’s younger brother, Abrar, told The Express Tribune.

“Afsheen says she wasn’t at fault but she is equally responsible for the murder,” said Abrar, adding that the mother should have informed the family about the serious condition of boys after the incident. “She concealed the fact and supported her husband,” he alleged.

The family members claimed that Aamer and Afsheen were drug abusers and tortured their children regularly. They added that the family was given a temporary room after the marriage. “We asked Aamer to vacate the house but he didn’t,” said Abrar, adding that the family knew the couple was using drugs and hashish. Abrar and his family members wanted to nominate Aamer and Afsheen for the murder.

Subinspector Amanullah told The Express Tribune that the police brought the body back to the hospital for the post-mortem as they knew the boy died of torture. Police have detained Afsheen for allegedly murdering her own minor son.

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