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Diversion of our women

By Saima Kausar

Ist century is the era of technology and development and there is always a space for betterment and advancement in every field. And because of competition among different countries every country is trying to go ahead and progress. So besides other developments these countries have develop their electronic media as well. There was a time when only one channel was available to the viewers and now there are so many channels of different countries projecting their culture and traditions. No doubt it has brought about many changing in the world including cultural affinity. Now cultural affinity is good for, every nation or this projection of culture through media is deviating some nations from their own cultural values? Because media have very strong, unanimous and powerful effects and to know that that effects does it have on the female of Pakistan? Our Eve’s reporter has not only taken the viewpoint of different women like teenagers, working women and housewives and of the men as well.

Mrs. Tanveer, a housewife said, “media is badly affecting the young girls. Now the girls live in a fantasy world because he projection of media is no more realistic. The preferences and the inclination of girls have been changed. Media has not only changed their thinking but also changed their appearance their way of talking their attitude. No doubt sometimes media gives a guideline and information as well but the girls mostly follow such things, which are negative. And media projects such things positively, which are totally against our traditions, culture and religion. Consequently the tendency of vulgarity and “being westernize” is increasing rapidly among girls and causing our cultural diversity. In fact some countries are using media as a tool of spoiling our generation and deviating them from their culture and some Pakistani women are making them successful by following their culture.”

Mr. Sheikh Ashiq Hussain, a businessman said, “I think that media has made a tremendous change in the thinking and living standard of every one. The women of Pakistan are now more confident, talented and responsible. And now these ladies are not only taking care of their family but they are playing significant role in the country’s development and supporting financially to their family. So these changing are due to media and media helps the women to self-realization, confidence to do something and it make others think that women are having rational minds and they can do something. So I think that media play its positive role. Despite of these positive changes, as we know every thing is having positive and negative aspects in itself. So we should increase our literacy rate and give awareness to our generation so that we can always be benefited from its positive aspects.”

Miss Sadaf Sheikh, a teenager college student said, “when I ponder upon this question i.e., the Pakistani woman spending her life according to Islamic values? The answer comes to my mind is “no” and the reason behind this fact is media. As I have observed in the college that girls are now very much impressed by the western culture and other countries and they do not follow their norms and values. Whatever media projects, whether that is good or bad they just adopt it and as over projection of vulgarity in media leads young girls to wear such dresses, which a true Muslim woman can never, wear.”

Miss Khadija Siddiq, a university student said, “media has affected our young girls specially. In fact media some times portray woman as she is being treated tyrannically in a society and she should speak out for its rights but the present woman considered her every act whether that is good bad as her right. The women of Pakistan have started losing those values, which are the part of our culture. They dressed up in a western style and they are no more sophisticated. And because of media they have lost their self-confidence there was a time when our grand mothers and mothers used to think that whatever they are their culture and traditions are the best in the world and they were fully confident to adopt those values.”

Waseem Manzoor, a teenager student said, “media is providing great entertainment, vast knowledge and some real confidence to our women. But apart from all these merits media is directly deviating some women from their cultural, traditional and moral values. As now cable is available even in small towns and 80% of these cable networks is consisted on Indian and other western channels. And in Pakistan a small percentage of women go outside for work and mostly women stay at home and same is the case with young girls they spend mostly their spare time by watching TV and they are deeply impressed by these channels. So they are the victims. Being a part of this society I think that our women should adopt our cultureal, religious and moral values. Because this is the only thing which can make us confident and proud but the need is to follow them”.

Miss. AbidaYasmeen, a working women said, “I know that media is projecting such things which are against our own traditions and culture but still the women of Pakistan maintain its dignity and prestige. Though Pakistani women sometimes watch these channels but they are fully aware of their norms and values and spend their life accordingly. Media is a source of entertainment and information we enjoy watching it but when we look at Pakistani women we feel proud as they are successfully performing their duties in every field keeping in mind and obeying their cultural and Islamic values. But if some young and immature girls are impressed by any other culture or they are adopting it we can not say that media is the only factor behind it there can be many other factors.”

Source: The Nation