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Destruction of girls’ schools in KP alarms education ministry

ISLAMABAD: The Ministry of Federal Education and Professional Training has drawn the attention of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government to the destruction of girls’ schools by terrorists in the newly merged districts and demanded a prompt action against the menace of terrorism.

In a letter written to the KP chief secretary, the federal education secretary has expressed grave concern over the recent incidents of torching of schools in the merged districts.

“It is particularly disheartening to note that these heinous acts of terrorism are disproportionately targeting institutions dedicated to girls’ education,” the letter said.

“The federal government is deeply alarmed by these developments, which not only endanger the lives of our children but also threaten the progress we have made in promoting education and gender equality in these regions,” it said, adding that education of girls is a cornerstone of the national development strategy, and any attack on this front is an attack on the future of the nation.

“I want to reassure you that the federal government stands in solidarity with the provincial administration of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa during this challenging time. We are fully committed to supporting all necessary measures to ensure the security of educational institutions and to swiftly rebuild the schools that have been destroyed.

“It is imperative that we work together to counter this menace of extremism and restore a sense of safety and normalcy for our students and educators,” the letter added.

“I propose the establishment of a joint task force comprising federal and provincial representatives to develop a comprehensive plan for the reconstruction of damaged schools and the enhancement of security measures across the region,” the federal education secretary said in the letter.

The letter added that this task force should focus on community engagement and resilience-building to prevent further extremist activities and to foster an environment where education can thrive without fear.

“Please be assured of our unwavering support and cooperation. Together, we can and must ensure that the right to education, particularly for our girls, is protected and promoted, despite the challenges posed by extremist elements. I look forward to your prompt response and to working closely with your office to address this critical issue,” the federal education secretary concluded.

Source: Dawn