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Depicting women’s plight through theatre

Karachi: On the issue of gender-based violence in the country, Tehrik-e-Niswan in collaboration with European Union organised a theatre play, “Hum Aurtein”, in remote areas of Karachi.

The performances were organised this past week in Ibrahim Hyderi and Koohi Goth Deh Landhi areas and were attended by large number of community members and civil society representatives.

The play portrayed a true picture of women’s status in Pakistani society and discusses sensitive issues related to gender based violence and women’s rights.

During post performance discussion with community members, Sheema Kermani said that like other countries in the world, women in Pakistan were also the frequent victims of violence.

Violence against women remains one of the most rampant human rights violations and, unfortunately, Pakistani women were facing these cruel acts of society from birth, she said.

She added that, due to gender discrimination, women in Pakistan were deprived of education, health, food and other basic necessities.

Early child marriages, domestic violence and sexual harassment not only cause mental stress but were major obstacle to women’s and girls’ development, and to the welfare and development of their communities and societies as a whole, she said.

She further said that in patriarchal Pakistani society, women consist half of the population but were not given equal opportunities to take part in national development.

Women live in an atmosphere of fear and the most abusive forms of violence being faced by women take place in their homes. Their lives are guaranteed in exchange for obedience to traditions social norms, she added.

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