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Dasti praises SC verdict in Mukhtaran Mai case

Usman Manzoor

ISLAMABAD: While there is a hue and cry among NGOs and human rights activists against the Supreme Court judgment in Mukhtaran Mai’s case, there are a few who are ready to welcome the apex court’s decision saying that the courts are dispensing justice even when they are under pressure.

One of them is the fake degree fame PPP MNA Jamshed Dasti from Muzaffargarh who not only praised the SC over the judgment but also criticised the NGOs and human rights activists for not accepting the verdict of the court and propagating against the people of Muzaffargarh. He also termed the Mai episode as a conspiracy to defame Pakistan and Islam and alleged that billions were made by projection of a fake drama.

The PPP MNA swears by God that no such incident ever took place in Muzaffargarh. The brother of Mukhtar Mai, he said, had committed adultery with one of the girls of the Mastoi clan and in the jirga it was held that Mukhtaran Mai may be married to a person from Mastoi clan but this proposal was rejected by a few members.

He says neither Mastois were feudal nor anyone else and it was a wrong projection that feudals had given verdict of gang rape of Mukhtar Mai. When asked that one person had confessed to committing rape with Mukhtar Mai, Dasti said he had to confess to rescue all others.

While hailing the SC judgment and criticizing those who are protesting, Dasti said, “I appeal to the chief justice of Pakistan to take action against those who were maligning the apex court for a thing which could not be proved in the Lahore High Court and then in the Supreme Court”.

“Mukhtar Mai case was a conspiracy against Islam and NGOs have minted billions so far along with Mukhtar Mai, who too has become billionaire by cashing on a fake and concocted drama,” said the MNA adding that the then Lahore High Court, Justice MA Shahid Siddiqui, who is in the SC now, and Justice Ijaz Chaudhry, now the LHC Chief Justice, had penned downed the historic judgment by examining each and every aspect of the case and similarly the Supreme Court verdict also speaks of nothing but truth.

“The courts have proved that they are dispensing justice even when they are under pressure,” said Dasti adding: “The courts have cleaned the blot on Muzaffargarh which appeared as a result of this concocted story.”

Even the NGO mafia had protested against LHC judges in Muzaffargarh in 2005 and now they were protesting against the Supreme Court to prove themselves loyal to their masters. Dasti vowed to register his protest against what he called the NGO mafia in the National Assembly as well.

Source: The News