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Critical exploitation

Women are respectable in society and our religion Islam also taught us to care, adore, love and cherish them and to provide them with their social and moral rights.

But behind the curtain, we men sexually harass them, mentally and physically torture them, abuse them, snatch their social and moral rights and we call ourselves “men”; just because of these evil powers.

As we men are physically strong, just because of this we think that we are not obliged to encircle these females and to adore them and regard them. The only thing we know is to produce kids for them and then to destroy their lives and treat them as au pairs.

When we go further, another innocent class of sensitive personalities in society is children. I hate child to be abused. Children are innocent, but it doesn’t mean that we should ignore our duty to give them proper attention.

Child abuse consists of any act or failure of act that imperils a child’s physical, emotional or mental health and development.

We anti-social personalities doesn’t even leave them, but to yield our desires we play with the lives of these innocent creatures as well’ and we criticize them, beat them, insult them, tease them, burn their bodies with cigarettes, scalding water, hot objects and acids and even we sexually harass the, rape them and sodomize them.

But still, this is not the limit, we force these virtuous, sinless and naives to serve as servants and child soldiers or militants for rebel groups and separatists movements. We make them to involve in crimes such as corruption, drug trafficking, robbery, theft, assassination and homicide, etc.

We make these kids beggars and make them taken-hand. Rather we should provide pencils in their little hands but when I see around, they are labouring, just for a penny to buy breads and bring food for their families and we are just filling our pockets.

We are too selfish and are not concerned with anyone that we can’t care anyone. Our needs are increasing day-by-day and to fulfil them we are hoggishly filling our pockets. We are criminals and we are corrupt.

Youth now become spendthrift and squanderer and spend their money on alcoholic beverages, cigarettes and other drugs. Our youth is depending on their parent’s wealth only. Similarly, elders in our society are also corrupt. They do smuggling, black marketing, piracies, human trafficking and other illicit activities.

In our society, richer is becoming richer. But so-called liberals egocentrically are ampler and want their lives more and more lavish and profuse, not worrying and soliciting about the rest of the civilisation.

We became ravenous and are so greedy that we exploit the rights of most respectful class of society ie elders. We abuse elders just because of their frail and vulnerable nature. Those who commit this crime are mostly closest to them and have the opportunity to take full advantage of them.

Elderly abuse may involve telemarketing fraud, identity theft, predatory lending and transferring of power of autonomy. Impudent and brazen personage of crowd destroys and devastates the dignity and respect of graves and dead.

These anti-social characters are so shameless that they ridicule and play with these blameless bodies and they sexually abuse them.

I really don’t know why they do so? I think they are psychologically unstable and are emotionless. But exploitation not stops here; we find a bunch of people that exploits their own selves by offering their bodies just for money.

This vulgar class is the master of sexploitation and they called themselves actors/actresses of stage-films or pornography.

I know that I also exploit the feelings and emotions of anti-social personalities in our society, I did this all for a social cause and I want betterment in the behaviours, manners, actions and emotions of the social animals present in our society, I am really ashamed of all that brutishness, cruelty and inhumanities happening, are you?