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Criminals make video while raping girl

A girl was raped by two men who kidnapped her at gunpoint from the Khokhrapar police limits. They also made a movie while raping the girl and threatened that they would put it on the internet if the police was informed.

Ms S, 22, a resident of Nazir Town, Khokhrapar area, said that she was the only daughter of her family. Her father was working with a private firm.

She said on March 1 her mother sent her to buy some medicines as she was suffering from fever. She contacted her neighbour A to come to her house as she was going to the chemist.

She along with her friend went to one Al-Mustafa medical store near her house. On the way near Zakaria Palace, Malir a car with two persons who frequently visited her area identified as Naveed and Shariq came near her and at gunpoint asked her and her friend to sit in the car otherwise they would kill them. They drove towards Jaffar Tayyar Society.

They took the girls to a house. Another man Asif was already present there. They took Ms S in another room. All the three accused raped Ms S at gunpoint, while one accused Asif was making a movie with his cellphone.

Later the two accused Naveed and Shariq threatened Ms S not to report the matter to the police and if she did her sex video will be put on the internet. They let her go along with her friend A. On reaching home her mother asked her what caused the delay. She refused to reply at that moment.

When her father came home she narrated the tragic story to him. After discussing with the family elders, she approached the police and registered her complaint against Naveed, Shariq and Asif. The police lodged an FIR and referred the case to the Investigation police.

Station Investigation Officer (SIO) Khokhrapar, Fida Hussain Lashari, said that after receiving the copy of FIR, the victim girl was asked to show the place where she was raped and he along with his staff conducted raids in Jaffar Tayyar Society area and arrested Naveed and Shariq, while Asif was still at large.

He added that during the course of investigation the accused confessed of the crime and also blamed the girls by giving false statements. During investigation the parents of the accused persons came to the police station and they also abused them and went away.

Accused Naveed’s father said that he was not in favour of his son. He said his son used to abuse his sister, brother and others. And when he told him of this act, he also beat him badly and threatened the whole family. Naveed’s father said that his son was mixed up in bad company and demanded strict punishment for him. The same statement was given by Shariq’s father.

SIO Lashari said that the medical examination of the girl was conducted and on Monday the accused boys’ medical examination would be carried out. Raids were carried out for the arrest of one absconding Asif. Further probe is underway.
Source: The News