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Crafts festival promotes women empowerment

ISLAMABAD: A two-day craft festival under the theme of ‘Empowering women, empowering communities’ commenced on Saturday, featuring a variety of arts, crafts and poetry rendition on women’s voices.

The festival, which is a biannual event held in December and in March, has been organised by Nomad Gallery in collaboration with Serena Hotel to mark December 10 as the World Human Rights Day.

Austrian Ambassador Andrea Wicke said Pakistani skilled women were amazing, the works of art made with their hands were examples and were priceless. She described the craft, skill and artistry of the talented women as unparalleled.

“The women of Pakistan are very hardworking and obsessed with their work,” she said, admiring the exquisite crafts available from Sindh and Swat to support flood-affected families.

The purpose of the festival was to appreciate the artwork of talented women.

The festival also highlighted the artwork of talented people of different communities. Visitors to the festival appreciated every piece of craft displayed for the promotion of art, from unique costumes to decorative jewellery and charming decorative art.

Nomad Gallery DirectorNageen Hyat said her office had been committed to the promotion of art and culture, craft development, human rights and peace.

“Based in Islamabad, many renowned and emerging, national and international artists have exhibited at Nomad which maintains a permanently represented collection. They work with various communities from all provinces of Pakistan and home-based workers producing handicrafts to showcase a versatile range of products,” she said.

“Nomad works to address social issues in the empowerment of women and youth which includes minorities’ rights and representation in addition to under-privileged communities.”

Nomad has also organised fund-raising activities for IDPs, refugees, and survivors of those affected by the catastrophic floods in Pakistan in 2022.

The festival is also an effort for women empowerment by displaying their handmade products and giving them recognition to celebrate communities on the Human Rights Day, she said.

Source: Dawn