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Court orders protection to newly-wed couple

NAUSHAHRO FEROZE: The sessions judge Naushahro Feroze has directed the SHO Tharushah to provide protection to a newly —wed couple, here on Friday.

In his order, the session judge directed the SHO of Tharushah police station to provide protection to Sabra Kaka, who married at her free will by solemnizing Nikah with Wali Mohammad Siyal.

Sabira Kaka submitted an application to the sessions judge Naushahro Feroze on June 6, stating that she was paralysed lady and working at a beauty parlour in Hyderabad.

She said that she was 26 and her father had not arranged her marriage and added that about one month ago, her father insisted her to marry with a 60-year old man which she refused. She further said that she had left her house on June 3, reached Naushahro Feroze and solemnized Nikah with Wali Mohammad Siyal.

She alleged that her father, along with three other unknown persons, came to her husband’s house in village Fazal Mohammad Motmal and insisted her to go with him, otherwise he would take her forcibly or would lodge an FIR of kidnapping against her husband Wali Mohammad.

The sessions judge directed the SHO Tharushah police to provide protection to the couple.

Source: Dawn