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Court orders FIR against accused of sexual assault

By Ali Hassan

ISLAMABAD: Additional Sessions Judge Muhammad Akmal Khan ordered Station House Officer (SHO) Industrial Area Police Station to register a First Information Report (FIR) of a case in which two persons managed to abduct a girl and sexually assaulted her.

Balqees Akhtar, mother of the girl, filed an application with court on Tuesday under section 22-A against Industrial Area Police Station for not registering FIR. In petition Ms Akhter said she ran a local NGO in Rawalpindi and Azhar Karim, a resident of Sector I-8/2 had visited him related to affairs of NGO. She said in the petition that Karim introduced her with a person Mian Asif, who claimed to be a Civil Judge of Rawalpindi and a landlord who assured her that he would raise funds for her NGO.

She further stated that after a while Asif allegedly showed interest in marrying her daughter, for his friend Atif Shahzad. She accepted the request and her daughter got married with Shahzad but she alleged that he was a notorious, cheater and a blackmailer as he started demanding hand of another daughter of the petitioner (Ms Akhtar) who was already having three wives.

She maintained in the petition that, one day Asif through a lady called her daughter and abducted her forcefully with his friend Karim and entered Sector G-11/3. She alleged that Karim and helped Asif to rape her said daughter on gunpoint.

According to petition, when the victim made noise, the lady beaten her and Asif threatened that Asif was a judge and in case she created trouble or told anyone about that matter she along with her family shall be killed or sent to jail. She said that the alleged culprits were still passing life threats to her.

She said she moved an application February 3, 2011 to the respondent, who instead of registering the case against the alleged persons, started inquiry and failed to register the case in spite of finding them guilty in the case.

According to the petitioner the Industrial Area Police Station official called her time and again nothing was done to meet her demand. She said that until now, no action had been taken up either by the relevant police or any high ups of the police and they failed to arrest the criminals due to their influence upon them, besides the case had not been registered against them so far.

On Tuesday Additional Sessions Judge Muhammad Akmal Khan observed that due to the sensitivity of the case further investigation would be preceded in the matter. The court ordered Industrial Area Police Station to register FIR against the alleged persons involved in girl rape. According to Rawalpindi District Court Superintendent neither a judge in the name of Asif had been here nor anybody was working now. “If that person poses to be a judge then he must be lying,” he concluded. Industrial Area Police Station ASI Daraya Khan told Daily Times that police station had received an application about that matter but there was no evidence about the alleged person.

Source: Daily Times