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Couple killed for ‘honour’

RAWALPINDI: A man and a woman were gunned down in the name of honour in the outskirts of Gujar Khan on Monday.

Shortly after the incident came to light, a police team constituted by SP Saddar Division Mohammad Nabeel Khokhar conducted raids and apprehended the alleged killers, including the father, brother and husband of the woman. A double murder case was registered against them.

Initial report suggested that the woman’s heirs murdered her and a man. The police said the bodies were shifted to the hospital for postmortem and circumstantial evidence collected from the crime scene.

Abdul Ghaffar Khan told the police that they were nine brothers and three sisters and he was living with his family in his house.

He said his brother Sher Khan and Wazir Khan, 30, who was married, lived with their respective families in a separate house.

He said his brother Sher Khan was at home when someone knocked at the door. When he responded he found Ghulab Sher and his sons who were armed, as well as Nisar Khan and Sartaj Khan standing in the street.

He said Ghulab Sher told his brother Sher Khan that he had murdered his daughter and were looking for their brother, Wazir Khan, whom they suspected of having a relation with the woman.

However, he said after Sher Khan informed them that his brother was not at home, they started looking for him in the fields where they found him and murdered him.

Source: Dawn