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Constitutional committee: body calls for women MP’s inclusion

ISLAMABAD: Expressing reservations that the parliamentary committee on constitutional reforms does not have representation of women on the committee, the standing committee on women’s development unanimously resolved for inclusion of women MPs.

For this purpose they called on the Prime Minister, the Speaker, Convenor of the special parliamentary committee on constitutional reforms and parliamentary leaders of political parties to ensure women’s representation on the committee.

The standing committee met with MNA Bushra Gohar in the chair at the Parliament House on Saturday. The committee recognised the Prime Minister’s commitment to women’s rights and empowerment and expressed their gratitude to the PM for urgently taking on board the committee’s recommendations regarding strengthening of the Ministry of Women’s Development (MOWD) operation in line with its mission, mandate and direction.

The committee welcomed the PM’s announcement of appointment of a Minister of Women’s Development, his commitment to providing an autonomous status of the National Commission on the Status of Women and the immediate notification of a Woman Secretary for MOWD.

The committee constituted a 3-member sub-committee under the convenership of MNA Khush Bakht Shujuat to review the Women Crisis Centers effectiveness in addressing women’s concerns vis-à-vis access to justice and protection against violence. The Sub-committee will visit these centers to review the progress, function and problems and meet with civil society and concerned federal and provincial ministries to give effectiveness to the standing committee.

The committee reviewed the report and recommendations of the sub-committees report on the bill “The Protection against Harassment at the Workplace Bill, 2009”
Source: Business Recorder