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Concern voiced over rape, murder of women in Shopian

ISLAMABAD: Moulana Fazlur Rahman, Chairman, Parliamentary Kashmir Committee, expressed concern over the recent incident of rape and murder of two women in Shopian, saying that in spite of resolving Kashmir dispute through political means, India has started suppression of Kashmiri people.

International community should press India to stop the havoc wrought by the Indian troops in the occupied Kashmir immediately and allow Kashmiris to exercise their right to self-determination, Moulana Fazlur Rehman said while talking to reporters here on Monday.

“Instead of resolving the outstanding Kashmir issue, India unleashed a reign of terror in occupied Kashmir and state terrorism by Indian forces is despicable which is condemned by all sensible persons”, he said.

The Chairman Kashmir Committee said that the Kashmiri people were struggling for their right to self-determination, which is a genuine and in accordance with the International Law, UN Charter, Universal Declaration of Human Rights, UN resolutions on Kashmir and the resolutions of the Non Aligned Movement. But, he said, India wants to crush it with force.

India has deployed over three quarters of a million troops in the occupied Kashmir armed with the draconian laws, he said, adding that they have martyred over 90,000 Kashmiris. The culprits of Sopore incident were not punished, he said, adding that similarly India has not taken any action against the culprits of the Shopian incident.

He said that instead of dispensing justice, Indian troops are resorting to violence against the peaceful demonstrators and have detained numerous Kashmiri leaders, including Yasin Malik, Fareeda Behnji and others. Moulana Fazlur Rahman urged India to release Kashmiri leaders and withdraw troops as well as the black laws from occupied Kashmir.

He also called upon the international community to intervene. The culprits of the Sopore and Shopian incidents should be tried by the International Tribunal for War Crimes, he stressed.
Source: Business Recorder