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Colouring a woman’s world

By Fawad Ali Shah

KARACHI: Colours, if used correctly, can convey feelings and emotions, since they are one of the most vivid forms of expression. They can be used to symbolise thoughts. A blob of red is always different from a splash of yellow. The difference is deeper than what is visible to the naked eye, it comprises of different emotions and feelings.

Samina Islam has painted a wonderful picture of ‘A Changing World of Women’, using vibrant colours that speak to you. Her work, which is acrylic on canvas, depict her thoughts and feelings. She has drawn different aspects of a woman’s life, which deliver a message of hope.

Samina is one of our unique artists, who has enough exposure to be able to blend the order, method and discipline of the west with the splendour, majesty and radiance of the east.

The delicacy of her brush and the intricacy of her work are in perfect balance with the colours in the painting and the thoughts in her brain.

In a painting titles ‘Mother Earth’, she represents a woman as the breeder of the human beings in the universe, showing the roots of trees and plants coming out from her body.

The half-Dutch half Pakistani artist uses colours to tell the viewers how the women of Pakistan have started changing and are participating in different kinds of activities.

“I have just put my thoughts and feelings forward. The world of women is changing. I want them to be confident and proud of themselves if they want to progress,” says Samina at the City Art Gallery, where her work is on display.

Looking at Samina’s work, one realises that she knows exactly what she was doing before she starting doing it. Her work actually gives the viewer a glimpse into the details of how a painting comes into existence, including the utmost concentration required, the careful planning and a clean and dust-free environment because even a single grain of dust can spoil the whole painting.

The most captivating aspect about her pieces is the fact that they make one want to carefully peel their complex form into simpler layers so that one can somehow understand how Samina managed to do what she did. The tonal balance, the layering of acrylics, the abundant use of red and green, give them a dramatic sense of depth. As if not only the characters, but also the paintings themselves, have more to show than what meets the eye. They tease you into leaning a little closer, thinking that the painting’s details might answer your questions.
Source: Daily Times

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