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Closure of girls school in Swat: government urged to take action against elements disturbing peace

ISLAMABAD (January 28 2009): The deteriorating law and order situation and continuous threats of Taliban to close down girls’ schools echoed in Senate on Tuesday, where the Senators condemned the move and urged the government to take action against those who have disturbed the peace in the valley.

Taking part in the debate, Senator Colonel Syed Tahir Hussain Mashhadi (Retd) said that some political parties, which do not have representation in National Assembly, are linking Swat unrest with international war, which is completely wrong.

“It has nothing to do with America. It is our own war. Our security has been put on stake due to presence of some extremists elements,” he said. The law enforcement agencies are doing wonderful to wipe out the menace of extremism from the valley, he said, adding that the political parties should fully support them to make the operation a success and get rid of these evils from the society.

He demanded the government to nab those who are funding the extremists for their own vested interests. This tragedy must be stopped and all the FM radio stations run by the hard-liner extremist militants should be banned immediately, he said.

Senator Sadia Abbasi said that Swat issue must be taken seriously otherwise it may take the entire country in its grip. “People are being killed despite curfew. Dead bodies of people are being taken out from graves. What sort of Islam is this,” she questioned.

Businesses of people have been destroyed, she said, adding that foreign countries are issuing advisories to its citizens not travel to Pakistan due to poor security.

She demanded the government to give in-camera briefing to the parliamentarians over Swat unrest. She said that it was a wrong interpretation of Islam to ban the female education. “Some people are imposing their tribal values and traditions in the name of Islam, which would defame the religion in the world.” She said that the government should take immediate steps for protection of girl students and to ensure security to female educational intuitions.
Source: Business Recorder