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Case against four for selling rape clips

GUJRANWALA, June 2: Ahmadnagar police have registered a case against four people for allegedly raping a married woman and recording its clips on a mobile phone set which were later put on for sale. The alleged rapists and distributors of the porn scenes are at large.

Thirty-year-old `T’ of Ladhaywala Cheema village gave an application to the Gujranwala deputy inspector general (DIG) on May 31, saying she worked in a football stitching factory.

She said one of her colleagues asked her on May 9 to visit her house to collect the installment of a monthly collection. She alleges that when she visited her house with her three-year-old son, Abdullah, her husband Ashraf Hajjam and another Rana Afzal raped her at gunpoint. She said Hajjam made a movie of the rape on his cell phone and threatened her with consequences if she told anyone about the rape and the movie.

The other friends of Hajjam used the clips to blackmail her into meeting their ‘vicious desires’. Abid Awan and Shahid, friends of Hajjam, and three other unidentified people raped her and also forwarded the clips to other people in Ladhaywala Cheema village.

They also converted the four-minute long recording into CDs and put for sale.

Such an insult and mental agony forced her family to leave the area, and now they were living with their relatives in Gujranwala. She said her husband had remained silent for the “honour” of the family.

DIG Zulfiqar Cheema marked the application for investigation, and on Monday the police lodged a first information report against Hajjam, Afzal, Awan and Shahid.

The husband of the applicant told Dawn that he was living with stigma as poor had no honour before rich ones.

Liaquat Ali, the investigation officer of the case, said he had warned the villagers that if anyone was found guilty of forwarded or selling the clips, he would be dealt with iron hands.

He said the accused had fled after locking their houses, but the police would arrest them within a day or two.
Source: Dawn