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Campaign for girls’ education continues on social media

The campaigners warned about the negative outcomes of illiteracy for the country. Islamic Emirate Leader Not Opposed to Girls’ Schools, Says Top Cleric

A large number of Afghans on social media have launched a massive campaign to protest the closing of schools for girls from grade 7 to12 across Afghanistan. Social media users on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram began the campaign with a hashtag of “Let Afghan Girls Learn,” and called on the Islamic Emirate to keep the schools open for girls.

The campaigners warned about the negative outcomes of illiteracy for the country.

“Nearly a year is not a short period of time, the decision (school closing) will cause irrecoverable damage for the future of the country,” said Parniyan Mubarez, a student.

“We have been waiting for the reopening of schools. The mid-year examinations are continuing, we are faced with depression, I cry a lot, when I am alone. I ask Taliban to reopen schools,” said Marwa, another schoolgirl.

In the meantime, women rights’ activists believe that depriving Afghan girls will result in negative outcomes, saying the decision will increase illiteracy levels within the country.

“If the Taliban think that imposing restrictions on education has any benefit, or they (Taliban) will have a financial benefit, this is not possible, because the world is struggling with other things,” said Suraya Paikan, a political analyst.

“The deprivation of girls of an education will result in illiteracy and cripple society from which an illiterate generation is emerging. We have launched a campaign to attract the international attention,” said Parwana Ibrahimkhil, Afghan women’s rights activist.

It has been nearly 300 days since the secondary schools for Afghan girls remained shut and still there is no a clarification on the reopening of schools across the country.—Khaama News Agency

Source: Pakistan Observer