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Call to strengthen Sindh Commission on the Status of Women to reduce gender-based violence

KARACHI: The Sindh Commission on the Status of Women (SCSW) hosted a consultation on the final draft of their Second Strategic Plan 2021-2023 in partnership with the Trust for Democratic Education and Accountability (TDEA) at a local hotel the other day.

The event was attended by various stakeholders including government officials, civil society and SCSW members.

The strategic plan was drafted using a multi-tiered process to include input from various stakeholders of all levels throughout Sindh.

In her address to the participants, SCSW chairperson Nuzhat Shirin highlighted that despite minimal financial and human resources, the commission was still able to not only follow through with its objectives in the first strategic plan but was also able to develop its second strategic plan in a timely manner with the technical help of TDEA.

She was happy to see the response and feedback from the stakeholders present.

Additional Chief Secretary-Home Qazi Shahid Pervez applauded the strategic plan and hailed it as a comprehensive document, which was the need of the hour and that the work of SCSW was valued by the Sindh government, which has always supported initiatives that empowers the women, girls and transgender persons.

UNFPA Head of Office in Karachi Bayramgul Garabayeva expressed support for SCSW’s work and hoped that the two organisations could work together to fulfil the objectives outlined in the strategic plan.

Country Representative of UN Women in Pakistan Sharmeela Rasool was also present at the consultation online.

Participants in the consultation also urged for the strengthening of SCSW as an institution so that it can work effectively towards reducing gender-based violence.

Among the stakeholders were members of the transgender community, who expressed ownership and support for SCSW as an organisation that has always openly supported their cause.

Due to this, they strongly felt that transgender issues should be included and highlighted explicitly in the strategic plan.

Another very important feedback received was the need to focus on climate change as it directly affects the cause of gender equality. This was met with unanimous support from all stakeholders.

Representatives from civil society organisations from the districts in Sindh such as the Research and Development Foundation (RDF) and Arts Foundation were also present on the occasion and gave their input along with showing their support for the strategic plan.

Source: Dawn