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Call to boost gender sensitised reporting

By: Asad Farooq

KARACHI: White Ribbon Campaign Pakistan (WRCP), a platform working for gender equality, has launched a workshop for journalists to sensitise them in regard with gender sensitised reporting.
The workshop, held at a local hotel on Thursday, was a part of “Nationwide Journalists Engagement Program”, which is an exclusive initiative of WRCP for journalists.

The motive of the workshop was to take journalists on board for a code of ethics for gender sensitive reporting, which was developed by WRCP earlier this year in consultation with over 150 senior journalists across Pakistan. The code of ethics encompasses basic principles of media ethics, mainstreaming gender in media coverage, accountability & impartiality and gender stereotyping.

Talking on the occasion, Omer Aftab CEO WRCP said that the role of media is crucial to the issue of violence against women, both in terms of how media covers it, and how media may be used as a tool to help activists raise awareness and implement programmes on it. Keeping in mind the value of campaigning through print and electronic media, WRCP pays close attention to these media resources.

Omer further said that an effective content through electronic and print media could highlight violence against women as a crime against humanity, therefore, WRCP had started this engagement programme with journalists where WRCP would not only train and facilitate journalists on gender sensitive reporting, but they shall also be recognised nationally on their work by ‘White Ribbon Media Award’ at the ‘2nd National Conference on Gender & Media’ in Islamabad.

It is pertinent to mention here that WRCP is a project of Women’s Empowerment Group and Vision 2015, working with men and boys to eradicate women’s human rights violations. Under the programme, journalists would be trained on gender sensitive reporting. On the occasion, White Ribbon Media Awards have also been announced in different categories of print and electronic media under this programme.

Daily Times