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Burka Avenger all set to sweep negative elements off their feet

Burka Avenger all set to sweep negative elements off their feet

RAWALPINDI: Don’t mess with the lady in black! ‘Burqa Avenger’ is all set to fight her enemies. Pakistani television’s first animated series ‘Burka Avenger” is a story of a working woman who works as a teacher fighting negative elements of the society, attacking her enemies with books and pen. Her enemies are characters who restrain Pakistani girls from acquiring an education.

At the launch of Burqa Avenger screening here on Sunday evening at a local cinema, the Pakistan’s biggest pop stars, Haroon Rashid, while talking to The News said that we have an amazing team of 35 with sound engineers, writers, voice over artists, project managers, producers, technicians and singers who have made such a brilliant series with each episode flaunting the black burka-clad heroine who fights against the negative elements of the society who are basically against the empowerment and education of the girls. ‘Burka Avenger’ has a simple message that education overpowers violence and pen is mightier than the sword.

Haroon said that it is unfortunate that our children do not have any local content and they have to rely on international animations. In ‘Burqa Avenger’ the content is local and our morals and the ethics are also shown in the series.

The series has nothing to do with oppression, but the burqa jiya uses is a disguise just like other superheroes use to fight their enemies. She goes about her everyday life as a normal person. She doesn’t wear burqa normally but when she’s fighting her enemies , she dons her burqa to hide her identity. Her use of books and pens to fight back bad guys is symbolic on many levels. Her main moto is justice, peace and education for all.

Haroon said that starring Anny Jafri and Hamza Ali Abbasi as the voice of Burqa Avengers and Baba Bandooq respectively and featuring guest appearances and songs from some of the biggest musical acts from South Asia.

Adil Omar the singer who sang the solo song ‘Lady in Black’ while talking to The News said that it was a great experience working with Haroon and his team. “ it’s the first time I have sang for an animated series, my one album is out, and I have international collaborations with Cyprus Hill, Everlast, Xzibit, Slash who is the guitarist of Guns and Roses. It was fortunate for me to become the part of this venture because while growing up we have witnessed the immense talent of Haroon. My song ‘Lady in Black’ was produced in in LA and recorded in Pakistan. Other songs of Burqa Avenger are sung by Ali Azmat, Ali Zafar, Jerar, Overload, Josh.

Adi Abdur Rab the writer of the series, while talking to this scribe said that he has written 13 episodes of Burqa Avengers which has excellent graphics that would definitely appeal kids. After the broadcast of these series we are working on two more series that would interest the audience.

Farah Hussain who came to see Burqa Avengers while talking to The News said that I am happy that finally some localized content is being aired on our television for children, they can easily relate with Jiya because our children have the will and the interest to go to school and get education. The girls need empowerment in our society and Jiya is fighting for it. Its not gender specific like the first episode focusses on its your right to be educated whether a boy or a girl.

Pakistan TV’s first animated series has a lot of local content to educate kids; education mightier than violence; Haroon Rashid proud of team of 35 that made it a success

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