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Brutal killing: Teenager murdered after sexual assault

By: Shamsul Islam

FAISALABAD: The body of a teenage girl missing since November 5 was found in a field in Faisalabad. Doctors and police confirmed the victim was gang raped before being murdered by unidentified suspects. Police have detained four suspects over the incident.

The victim’s father, Nazar Ali, told police that her daughter Razia had left for school on November 5 but did not return home. On inquiring from the school administration and from her class fellows, he learnt the girl did not reach the school and might have been kidnapped.

After three days of hectic efforts, her body was found in the fields of the Chak 395 village within the precincts of Tandlianwala police station.

Initial police investigations and post-mortem reports confirmed the victim was killed after sexual assault.

SHO Sarfraz Ahmad told The Express Tribune the police shifted the deceased’s body for post-mortem to the Tandianwala Tehsil Headquarters Hospital, where a team of doctors conducted the autopsy and confirmed the teenager was killed after gang rape.

The police officer said that according to the post-mortem report, there were visible marks of injuries on the body of the victim, including the neck, chest and abdomen. The viscera from the body have been sent for chemical and DNA analysis.

Panic grips village

After the incident, a wave of fear spread among the parents and students of the village, who expressed concern over the situation.

While speaking to The Express Tribune, Muhammad Javed said the incident created a sense of insecurity among the villagers and a number of parents were reluctant to send their kids to schools.

He added the majority of the villagers were compelled to accompany their children to schools and bring them home. “This creates a lot of trouble as it affects our daily earnings,” he said.

Four suspects rounded up

Police Inspector Bashir Ahmad, who had been assigned the investigation of the case, said four suspects have been taken into custody.

“We have gathered forensic evidence from the scene of the crime and also collected some vital information on the basis of cell phones used in the area during the past 38-hours,” he added.

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