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Beheading of women in Bannu slammed

KARACHI, Sept 14: The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP), expressing concern over the beheading of two women in Bannu, has urged the authorities to take stern action against the people responsible for the “barbaric action.” In a statement issued here on Friday the HRCP condemned the beheading of the women – Mena and Malki – reportedly on the allegations of being prostitutes.

It said that the incident was the latest horrific example of rapid and unchecked “Talibanisation” of FATA and the NWFP as the crime was committed by militants who had earlier kidnapped these women.

The human rights group also expressed concern over the

“impunity with which the militants were free to use violence to enforce their version of Islam.”

It said that more than a hundred CD shops had been blown up in Mingora (Swat) in the past few days and girls’ schools were closing down under threats.

The HRCP urged the authorities to “act firmly against such barbaric actions, the victims of which were overwhelmingly women.”

It said that while political opponents were arbitrarily dealt with, militants were given a free hand to challenge the laws of the land.

Source: Dawn