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Awareness, Promotion of Women’s Rights in Balochistan Urged

QUETTA – Chairperson of the Commission on Status of Women in Balochistan, Fauzia Shaheen on Tuesday said that all sections of the society have to play their role for awareness and promotion of women’s rights in Balochistan and against violent crime.

“The mandate of the Women’s Commission is to take action against oppression and oppression of women and make the relevant authority accountable,”

She expressed these views during the opening ceremony of the four-day training workshop held under the Forum for Dignity Initiatives Pakistan.

The head of FDI Pakistan, Uzma Yaqoob, while highlighting the aims and objectives of the program, said that Kasni Daira is a program to promote the meaningful and political involvement and leadership role of young women.

FDI is imparting training women and transgender community so that they can participate in practical politics while being aware of their political and democratic rights.

The main demand of FDI from Kasni Daira platform is for women aged 18 to 24 years at least so that they can participate in decision-making in local, provincial and national governments to protect the rights of young women and vulnerable groups,

Fauzia Shaheen, chairperson of Commission on Status of Women Balochistan, while appreciating the aims and objectives of the program, said that the Commission on Status of Women is the first official forum in Balochistan through which the competence of women has been recognized for the posts of administrative affairs including the posts of Tehsildars.

Apart from this, there is a struggle to ensure the protection of the rights of women home-based workers in existing laws, the creation of the Darul Aman Act and the transfer of powers to the Women’s Ombudsman Secretariat to protect women’s share in property.

“In the Planning and Development Department, I am working with the civil society and all walks of life to speed up the progress on the draft law on child marriage pending for the last eight years to provide maximum opportunities for the welfare of the children,” she added. Master Trainer Maryam, Program Associate Zainab and Shayan informed the participants about the key points of the training program on Youth Leadership Development.

Source: The Nation