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Autopsy proves baby GIRL BURIED LIVE

KHANEWAL: Post-mortem examination has proved that the newborn daughter was buried alive at Kacha Khuh.

On Saturday, police arrested her father Chand Khan, a resident of Chak No 16/9R of Kacha Khuh, a nearby town of Khanewal, after the media reported that he buried his newborn daughter alive because she was physically deformed.

The child was born at a hospital on Thursday. After seeing his newborn daughter, the father told relatives that the baby was born dead and organized a funeral.

Reportedly, the child started crying during the funeral and the cleric told the father to take the girl to the hospital, Khalid said. Instead, Chand Khan buried her.

Residents alerted the authorities after seeing the father taking the baby to the graveyard, after which police raided the man’s house and arrested him on a murder charge.

On Monday, the graved was exhumed and an autopsy was conducted on the body on the court directives, proving that the baby girl was buried alive.

The shocking incident illustrates the sometimes extreme prejudices against girls that are born with any type of physical deformities. They are often seen as shameful for the family, especially in the rural, poorer parts of the country where they are viewed as a drain on the family.

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