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At least 15,898 women kidnapped, raped in 1998-05

MULTAN, September 03 2005: At least 15,898 women/girls were kidnapped/raped between 1998 and 2005 in the country. Of them, 11,435 took place in Punjab, 2108 in Sindh, 1545 in the NWFP, 429 in Balochistan and 381 in Islamabad Capital Territory, according to ‘Crime Report’ compiled by the Ministry of Interior.

The report further shows that 1035 male/female children were sexually assaulted in the whole country during the said period, out of which 478 cases were reported in Punjab, 425 in Sindh, 62 in the NWFP and 18 incidents were registered in Capital police stations.

Crime-wise detail of all four provinces and Federal Capital areas is given as: murder cases 65,195; abduction 50121; rape 15,898 and 3,66,977 dacoities.

Out of total 65,195 murder cases, about 34,225 cases were registered in Punjab, 13,542 in Sindh, 13377 in the NWFP, 3547 in Balochistan and 504 in Islamabad, The Establishment Division is actively considering key changes in the four provinces Police, FIA, IB and other security agencies, sources said.

The federal government is going to bring about big changes in police and administrative establishments after an alarming increase in kidnapping-for-ransom, murder, rape, dacoity, looting, car snatching, car theft, child abuse, human smuggling and other heinous crimes in all four provinces and the Federal Capital.

Hundreds of women are raped every year. Most of the incidents take place due to family or tribal rivalries. However, social stigma and fear of corrupt police officials in far-flung areas makes it difficult for victim families to report the incidents in police stations. They prefer to keep silence due to which a number of cases are usually not registered.

Interior Ministry report says that an alarming rise has also been observed in car and motorcycle, and mobile snatching cases, as about 18,258 vehicles were stolen from the four provinces and Capital. According to the report, Sindh was at top with 11,629 cases, Punjab 3518, the NWFP 1615, Balochistan 809, and Islamabad 687.

The Ministry also pinpointed the growing ratio of dacoities /robberies, as about 366,977 incidents were reported countrywide during 1998-2005 period. The report elaborates that over 364,385 cases of robbery, burglary occurred in Punjab, 13,433 in Sindh, 4526 in the NWFP, 2468 in Balochistan and 1265 in Islamabad.
Source: Business Recorder