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Acid thrown on two girls

Tahir Siddiqui

KARACHI: Two teenage girls were injured on Sunday when a young man threw acid on them in Surjani Town.

Zarin, 19, and Irum, 18, were taken to the burns ward of the Civil Hospital where medico-legal sources said both had suffered 24 per cent burns.

Family sources said the attacker, identified as Kamran by Zarin, allegedly threw acid on the girls as Ms Irum opened the door of her house for her friend and her maternal grandfather.

The victim’s grandfather, a resident of nearby Yousuf Goth, told Dawn that the two girls were friends and their families were former neighbours.

He said Kamran approached them as they got off a rickshaw.

“I entered the door first and the two girls were following me when he threw acid on them.”

Senior Medico-Legal Officer Dr Aftab Channar said Ms Zarin’s face and forehead had also been affected by the attack.

Source: Dawn