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Acid thrown on abductor’s wife, daughter

BAHAWALPUR: Two women were injured in an acid attack in Malookshah area, the Cantonment Police said.

The police have registered a case against four men nominated by the victims. No one was arrested. As per the FIR filed by the women, both the women were asleep on their terrace when four men entered their house by scaling a wall. They climbed up to the terrace and threw acid at the women, who said they had noticed the men and were rushing inside. While their faces and upper bodies remained safe, their legs and hands were affected. Their shouts attracted some neighbours and the assailants fled. Safia Bibi and her daughter Aliya Bibi were taken to Bahawal Victoria Hospital, where doctors treating them said they had suffered 30 to 35 per cent burns and would likely survive. The doctors said the women’s legs and hands had been affected.

Cantonment Police SHO Abdul Razzaq said that the women had accused Shafiq, Allah Bakhsh, Ismail and Ghulam Muhammad of throwing acid at them.

The SHO said that Safia Bibi’s husband and son were wanted in a kidnapping case filed by Allah Bakhsh. He had accused them of kidnapping his daughter one month ago. The two men and the girl have been missing.

Safia said the case against her husband and son was false. She said they do not know where Bakhsh’s daughter had gone. She said even she had no idea where her husband and son were and that they had not contacted her in the month that they had been missing. She said Bakhsh along with three accomplices had attacked her and her daughter to take revenge. The SHO said there was a chance the women had planned the entire episode to file a case against Bakhsh and his men. He said it was unusual for face and chest to be unharmed in an acid attack, especially on those attacked in their sleep.

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