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A woman’s fate

For as long as one can remember, Karachi has been beset by killings. Though these days it seems that it is getting easier to murder a woman and get away with it.

Murders of women are reported from all corners of the country, almost on a daily basis, and without a doubt, many cases go unnoticed or unreported. Alarmingly, a sizeable majority of the women killed are young and newly-wed.

They are not just murdered, but murdered after being subjected to domestic torture and sexual violence.

Unfortunately, nothing much is being done to promote the fast-vanishing tradition of respecting and honouring women.

Recently, police found the body of two women on a street at four in the morning in Karachi’s Sohrab Goth area. Both were the wives of one man and lived together. It is still not known who killed them.

Women are strangled, knifed or beaten to death.

Some of them are killed when they speak out and talk about their rights.

Just a few days ago, a man killed his newly-wed wife in the Landhi area. The man told police that his wife had an extramarital affair. Even if the woman had an extramarital affair, no one has the right to end someone’s life.

Both men and women have equal rights and responsibilities in a marriage and there should be a system to prove someone’s innocence, instead of imposing a verdict of being guilty by their spouses and consequently, getting killed for it.

The Express Tribune